Nude by Nature Haul

Nude by Nature Virgin Blush
Nude by Nature Mineral Eyeshadow - No. 2 Contour
Nude by Nature Mineral Lipstick - Chique
Nude by Nature Essential Collection Brush Kit 

Okay, so the other week I decided to splurge and try out some new things. I've heard so much about the Nude by Nature range so I decided to give some of it a try! For those of you who don't know, Nude by Nature is a 100% cruelty free makeup brand sold at pretty much every drugstore in Aus and super easy to get online.

First things first, the blush, which is SUPER pigmented. I remember putting the first brush stroke on and I looked like I was lying in the sun for five hours, so I shall definitely remember to tap some of that off! Other than that, I think it's such a natural colour for every skin tone and it's definitely a product you can build up to have a more dressier look. I don't think this will be a very good product for travel but a totally a must-have.

Next up, the eyeshadow. Again, this colour is so natural for me, but will also work as a fabulous transition colour for pretty much any smokey eye. This is also a very powdery one, so travel might be a bit tricky however, with great powder comes great colour.

I have mentioned this lippy in my last post (mainly cause I didn't know which idea to do) but I love it so much! I'm defs feeling a trend for pigmentation here and it lasts quite well. However, I find I do need to top it up a bit after meals. Plus side, I find it moisturising and able to go with everything in my wardrobe.

I have been due in for some new brushes for quite a while now, and these feel so SOFT! The kit contains a kabuki brush, powder brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, blender brush, eye definer and a lip brush. These are so great for travel and come in their own little zip up bag. I find them all so soft and keep so much colour in, especially for the price.

Anyway, what do you guys think? And what are your favourite Nude by Nature products?

~Holly xx

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