The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire

OMG! Where do I begin?!
Okay, so Friday was the opening of Dan and Phil's Amazing Tour is Not on Fire in Australia and it was so amazing!
Dan and Phil are two youtubers who go by the name Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil, and make videos on the internet for people to enjoy and laugh at.

I've been watching videos from these guys for years, and I was so happy when Mum surprised with me with the tickets! I spent the whole morning so pumped and ready to go! Woke up at 6am, showered, got dressed, and sat by my suitcase only to find myself sitting in the car five minutes into the trip wishing I brought my laptop and some anime. But I made it to my nearest capital city, got lost for a bit and finally went in circles enough to finally find the convention center.

My friends and I decided to put our cat whiskers on early, so we pulled out a sharpie and let the whiskering begin!

Me, who's never been to any kind of concert before, thought all the fangirls singing to Dan and Phil's playlist was loud, until they came onstage. I swear my ears are still ringing and I've lost my balance.

I don't wanna give too much away for those who haven't seen it, but oh my gosh, the stage was so perfect! I found myself squishing my llama hat in happiness on how much it was them just in the stage alone. Although, being a full-time glasses wearer, the lights sometimes glared at me and burst my pupils.

Overall, it was perfect, and nice to just enjoy it as a show rather than watching it through a screen. The performance followed Dan and Phil through their years on Youtube with heaps of audience interaction and making you laugh until your stomach hurt and scream with excitement all night.

Dan and Phil film the show so you don't have to film it yourself, which will be up on YoutubeRed after the tour.

The show started at:

12th Aug / Perth / Riverside Theatre

14th Aug / Perth / Riverside Theatre

The show continues at:

19th Aug / Adelaide / Thebarton Theatre

19th Aug / Adelaide / Thebarton Theatre (late show)

21st Aug / Melbourne / Palais Theatre (matinee)

21st Aug / Melbourne / Palais Theatre

22nd Aug / Sydney / Big Top Luna Park

23rd Aug / Sydney / Big Top Luna Park

24th Aug / Brisbane / QPAC

25th Aug / Brisbane / QPAC

You can still find tickets at these venues at

Anyway, what did you guys think of the show?

Dan's channel can be found here
Phil's channel can be found here
And their gaming channel can be found here

~Holly xx

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