Winter Lookbook | Berry Dresses & Waterfalls

Dress - TPAL
Jacket - Target
Stockings - Target
Boots - Spend Less Shoes

I love it when winter comes along and all the gorgeous berry tones come out! So, with that in mind, I decided to do something a little different.
When I go to the city or out for lunch, this is my absolute go-to. I think the simpler, the better in winter, especially if there's lots of layers involved! Being in Aus, our winter is probably like summer for others, so the dress itself isn't that thick, which is why the jacket's there. And the boots, being suede absorb all the heat. 
I've been recently liking keeping the colours simple, and think it's so much better than using lots of colours or patterns which, in winter, can probably get a bit too much.
But no matter what, I think a staple berry colour is a must-have for anyone's winter wardrobe.

~Holly xx

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