Baff Bubbles

I love bubbles! Thought you'd like to know.
So, I decided to show some of my favourite little goodies I like to use when I'm feeling bubbly (excuse the pun) or when I need to wash away the day.

Unfortunately, some of these products are only available during the holiday season, so they may be a bit harder to get a hold of if you have your heart set on them, but I'll leave a link below of some substitutes that you may like instead.

The first thing I wanna talk about is one of my all-time absolute favourites, and that is the Arbonne Seasource Foaming Sea Salt Scrub. The bottle I've got here is one of the older ones cause Mum and I ordered twenty million of them in, so don't freak out if the ones in the link look a bit different. Although, this isn't really a "bubble bath" it still foams up through runnning water, so I'm gonna count it anyway. My favourite thing about it is the little salt beads that fall to the bottom that adds a little extra cleanness into the bath and how big the goddamn bubbles get. Seriously, watch it.

Next up is the Arbonne Cheer Shower Gel in Fig Blossom. This is one of those one's available in the holiday so it is harder to find them now, but feel free to check out their other ranges here. Again, it just bubbles. That's why it's here. But it also smells so nice and feels so smooth on the skin and it doesn't take long for it to foam up on a loofah (I think that's how it's spelt).

This one doesn't make bubbles at all, which is slightly disappointing. However, I use it so why not right? I usually put the Natio Pure and Gentle Cleansing Cream on my face and leave it there while I'm having a bath, then wash it off before I get out. It just makes my skin feel refreshed and smooth and gives it some extra love (cause who doesn't love that?).

The last thing is also one of those holiday-season culprits and it's the flower fizzies. I picked this up from my local drugstore as part of a massive gift basket for my Mum last Christmas, yet there was so much stuff we decided there's no harm sharing :P. They're kinda like the Lush bath bombs which you can find here. I love these just because they're so cute and they always make my day with how adorable they are. Plus they smell like coconut and lime, two of my favourite scents.

I hope you guys are keen to try out these little cuties, but I will say Arbonne might be on the pricey side for some people, but it is definitely worth the investment! You should also (if you haven't already) check out my new Facebook page to know when I do stuff like this. But anyway, let me know what you guys think and I'll continue loving my bubbles.

~Holly xx

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