The Joy of Feeling Like Crap

Sorry I've been away so long, I managed to get myself plagued with a cold until my head was stuffed with cotton balls and my nose was like a tap. So instead of actually studying for my upcoming exams, I decided to talk to you about the joy of sickness.

My friends told me to lie down and chill out for the week and watch movies and as fun as that sounds, by the third season of Pretty Little Liars, I couldn't cope anymore.

The show wasn't bad or anything. I was just tired of taking three different kinds of cold and flu tablets that all do the same thing. And even then they don't work unless you go to sleep, so you miss half a season anyway.

I suppose it's alright when you're in lower school and you sit in bed thinking 'I could be doing algebra right now, so this is pretty good tbh'. But once you're in upper school, or even out of school or university, you're in instant panic mode.

So instead of getting rest and making sure your body gets better, you spend all day stressing about that English essay you have due the next day you slightly forgot about...

I was thinking about taking this down the semi-inspirational route, saying that you need to pace yourself and do work when you're sick so you're not behind with all your stuff but, you know. Who really does stuff when they feel like their head's gonna explode.

Anyway, I'd like to know how you survive sick season. Do you just sit down and watch TV like the rest of us? Or are you one of those strange people that works themselves to death? I really hope you're not number two :P

~Holly xx

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