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Hey guys!

Today was the first day in what felt like forever that a couple of childhood friends came down from the city, which I was super excited about. The thing that got me slightly nervous was the fact I'll be sitting on a horse for half a day.

I know I'm from what some of you people would call "the country" but no, I haven't sat on a horse in five years. And yes, I grew up on a cattle farm, yet I preferred the quad to a horse that would have a mind of its own.

But in all seriousness, it was actually pretty fun, apart from trotting. Like, how do people move their bodies up and down and up and down. To me, it was a solid core workout.

I can't really remember the name of the horse I had, it was Hel-something. But the area was so beautiful and it was really nice to get outside rather than crammed in a classroom.

The pros took us on a route around the area, going through some paths through the forest filled with kangaroos, curious and cautious of us. But honestly, it was so beautiful and quite relaxing and so amazing to catch up with friends and try to think of everything you've done since you last met.

So I'd like to take that opportunity to thank the friends and family I spent the day with and for making it so fun! And also to thank Jesters Flat for letting us borrow some horses, and I strongly recommend you guys check it out here if you guys are keen. Also, thank you to Lachi for sending those pictures and bringing his phone with him (you little rebel).

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