I graduated today. And I'm so goddamn happy! It's been sooooooo long and honestly it felt like a massive weight has just lifted off my shoulders! I mean, school's been alright with friends and all that but doing ATAR has slowly been killing me over the years. I would like to share this night with you, so I've put some of my favourite photos down below which are also on my Instagram and Tumblr. I hope you guys like them :)

This was taken before the ceremony of Mum and I and just after I complained about the wind messing my hair :P

This is our graduating class 2016. I'm hiding out in the second last row.

After I just received my graduation certificate.

Mum and I with my very first teacher in primary school :)

Dad and I :)

My boyfriend and I after the ceremony

I'll talk to you guys soon and hope you're doing great :) Let me know your favourite school moments. Mine is when someone made a paper plane and thought it would be a great idea to stick it in a bar heater and it fell and burnt the carpet. We were in first year of high school. We were silly :P

~Holly xox

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