High School Highlights

Although I'm so happy I'm finally free of school and exams, there are some things I still miss and have taken a liking to remembering the fun experiences, like when Mr S got locked out of his out classroom or when we accidentally ripped a page out of the teacher's copy of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Anyway, I thought we could think of these memories together and I could show you guys some of the highlights I've had at school, and to show it's not all doom and gloom.

Music was one of the things that I carried from Primary School to High School, and being in the High School's Concert Band in Grade 7 made the transition a bit easier by already knowing some people. Little did I know that sticking with it came with a lot of late nights and frustration. The highlight for it though was probably the whole school performance of Little Shop of Horrors, which I played lead clarinet. Although playing the same songs for 6 nights was tiring, and so were the months of rehearsals, it was fun getting to know new people from the Drama and Dance classes. The Concert Band was fun too, of course. It was nice to have a laid back conductor instead of one that yelled which is what students from other areas had too frequently

Concert Band during a whole school cabaret.


Bringing home the Baritone for the first time... I'll miss you Bazza!

As well as music, I really liked Art. It was fun to do what you'd like and put your own twist on everything. It was also the chill class and the deadlines weren't half bad. It was fun to do new things rather than the drawings we did in Primary School. Here, we worked with clay, made models and clothing, created silk scarves and wove pillows and blankets, which were great if you finished on a Winter's day.

One of my pieces that sold at the art exhibition Creating Identity.

In Grade Ten, we were given the opportunity to go to Sydney and Canberra for a week, which was amazing! There's too many pictures to show but it was great to not only spend time with your friends every second of every day for the next week, but to check out places we don't usually go. My favourite bit was probably ice skating, as I'd never done it before. But we also found it pretty funny to go to the Telstra Tower and get no signal the whole time we were there.

Dressing up at the museum.


Ice skating.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Slightly chubby sea cow... but still fabulous in my eyes. I mean, look at those fins! Damn girl!

Photography. The class of everyone taking pictures of each other and dank memes. And it was great. Not only was this where I met heaps of lovely people, but when you fall off the desk, everyone has a picture.

Biology was an absolute blast! So thanks Mrs. K! All of it was so fun, but especially the Homeostasis Experiment where half the class went in an air conditioned room with their feet in ice buckets and the other half was in a garbage bag with all the heaters on. It was just to see how their bodies respond. And I also loved the zoo excursion, which was probably everyone's highlight.

I actually kinda sorta miss study too. You kinda just get so used to it that when you stop it's kind of a shock on the system. But I especially miss Ms S who let me have chocolate and cookies and gave her tiny study class of 4 hot chocolates... with marshmallows.

And yes...I did some study.

The major event for the Grade Twelve's is the school ball. It's the opportunity for the girls to glam up and the guys to wear something other than shorts. I went with one of my guy friends as my 'girl group' has an uneven number :P but it was pretty fun hanging out with them and amazing to see everyone in all these beautiful dresses. We also had a graduation dinner which was a bit like a ball as well :P but more sitting.

My boyfriend and I before the ball (outsiders weren't allowed in)

Mum and I

My friend Riley and I

And of course, valedictory. The moment in which we became free. The moment in which we received our lives and souls that were brutally taken from the education system. I'm joking it wasn't that bad. But finally finishing lifts weight off your shoulders. Although, it seemed kinda sad at the time when we said goodbye to everyone but then I met a whole heap the other day so...

Of course school had it's downs and lots more ups, but most importantly, it didn't kill me. Although when I spent late nights making geography posters and studying a day before that economics test I definitely thought it would. But when High School's over, I keep trying to think of things to do to occupy my mind but then I procrastinate that. Anyway, tell me your High School highlights and what you think of these :)

~Holly xoxo

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