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Today made me very, very happy when this gorgeous choker arrived in my P.O Box today! I have recently become a Mirina Girl and collabbed with Mirina Collections and as a result I was sent this stunner. And since this is my first proper ambassador/affiliate opportunity and benefit, I thought I would show you some pictures of this necklace.

This is the Opal Crystal Choker from their Famous Necklaces range which is filled with so many gorgeous necklaces. Some are edgy, others a simple and sweet. This one just jumped out at me, and it's different to what I'd usually wear so I thought, why not?

It comes with a silk ribbon that you can either tie at the back of your neck or twist it around again to the front like I did to make a little bow. It's also not as heavy as it looks, which is great as I'm the size of a twig and my neck would probably snap.

The stones are colour have all these gorgeous purples, blues and pinks in them which change in different lighting, and the other stones a simple and clear to provide a beautiful contrast and makes it pretty much suitable to wear with any colour.

They had also given a simple black choker as a free gift (bonus!) which is super cute and pretty much a staple nowadays.

If you guys want to see some of their other designs, check out their website here. They do have stuff for pretty much all price ranges and other simpler necklaces, bracelets, rings and some other cute stuff so you should check that out.
If you see anything you like, feel free to use the code MirinaGirl at the checkout to receive a cheeky discount.

~Holly xoxo

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