Life Update

Hello, hello, hello!
Happy New Year to all of you! I would've said it earlier but now I know everyone's had it :P

Also, ignore the crappy picture. I was on a ferry and apparently the windows were that much too hard to wash.

So much has been happening, oh my gosh! As you know, I've graduated High School and done all my exams and shizz. So good news is that I was accepted into a wonderful college called the SAE Institute. Not many people here have heard of it, mainly cause it's not one of the four major Unis we have in this state. But other than that, it's one of the best schools I've come across. It tailors to student's needs as much as it can, it has flexible hours and although they push hard in studies, everyone says it's definitely worth it.

So over the next two years I'll be completing a Bachelor in Design (Graphic Design). It's kinda weird thinking I'll have a bachelor degree at 19 (I'm so young omg)! It's also weird going to school not knowing anyone else going there (>~<), although my bf seems to think it'll be a school where everyone's in each others fandoms.

However, going to this school requires me leaving the nest of my Mum and going to the city, which was exciting and a bit daunting. Exciting that I get to start studying what I love and get a change of scenery and all, but daunting living 400 km away from help and loves :P. It did make it easier that I'm moving up to my close friends rather than moving away. They moved a couple years ago to the city so it'll be nice to catch up with all them again.

It's actually so different here in the city. The air and water are pretty crappy and to catch a bus you have to hail them and all. Kinda like what they do in 'Sherlock' for all those cabs. We had to learn that the hard way. My bf and I live south of the city, and it takes us pretty much an hour to get home when we go out. But other than that, it's kinda nice being around new people, and not turning a corner and having an awkward bump into your ex-friends and a couple druggos.

So, that's life right now. We've only moved in a couple days ago, so there's still more exploring to do and awkwardness to happen :P, and I'm pretty much being a total Hermione and being super excited and already started studying for school.

For some of you also going to go through this, it's all okay in the end. It's only a little scary from the change. But in the long run, you could get a degree, work your dream job, and meet new people. And if it's leaving your parents that's scary, you don't have to leave straight away. And if you'd like to, remember they want you to go out and explore the world too. And they want you to learn new things and have fun.


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