Little January Favourites

Hello, hello, hello!
I know Jan hasn't left us yet but I wanted to show you my favourites for the almost over month, which has been very pink (my natural default :P). I'm deciding to do only a few monthly favourites and try and talk a little in-depth about them otherwise we'll be here for ages talking about twenty million things. This month is pretty much all beauty products and some I've been experimenting with before I go out and about. So, before I keep rambling and bore you all, let's go!

The first thing I have to show you guys isn't very entertaining, but it's always in my bag and it's been there through everything; the move, breaking a nail at the bus station, you know. It's a handmade nail file that is literally as tough as a brick. The filing bit feels pretty rough but leaves your nails soft and smooth. It's also really great with the whole needing to cut nails thing, which I don't do much anymore as I mainly use this bad boy. It files my nails down quickly and easily with minimal effort and that's what I like.

As you know, Nude by Nature is one of my favourite makeup brands, which have heaps of new products in this gorgeous rose gold packaging. This is their Touch of Glow Highlighter Stick in the shade Champagne, which is an amazing gold colour. There's two others in the range; a pink one and a deep bronze which are all designed to make your face have a healthy glow. I love these because you can easily control how much highlighter goes where and it doesn't feel thick or heavy, which I find a lot of cream products are for me.

The beloved Naked 3 palette! There was no way I couldn't put this in! Although I am steering slightly away from the pinks and heading into more golds and browns at the moment, when I'm in a rush or my bf tells me to hurry up in the bathroom, this is the palette I go to. The colours look amazing on their own all over the lid as well as being able to work altogether. I find they blend super easily too and very versatile, as it has the gold and brown shades as well as the pinks and purples. I did swatches for these in my last post so be sure to check that for some more info on this little pot of... pink? That doesn't sound right.

This is the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in the shade 48, which is a deep berry purple (we're moving away from the pink pretty quickly aha). This is my go-to lippy right now. It's vibrant, a little bit out there for me but works with so many things. And the texture of it feels velvety and almost like a lip balm. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good shot of the colour, but there's one here if you'd like to see.

Last, but definitely not least, is my new Peter Alexander nightie. It's so bloody hot over here, and I only had one pair of summer pj's which were in the wash. And sadly, when people stay over you can't walk around in your undies and say it's sleepwear. This is the most comfy nightie. It's cotton all the way up except for a little bit by your tummy which is netted. For me, it's style with comfort and that's what I fluffing like.

So that is my Little January Favourites, and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think of these products and anything else similar, I'd love to hear them.

Love, Holly xoxo

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