Swatch Sunday | Urban Decay Naked 3

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I know this palette isn't news to anyone, but it's been one of my faves recently. And since I'm in a blogging mood I thought 'why not?' I also thought this would be a good idea to introduce a new little segment 'Swatch Sunday', which is something I've seen all around the place and think it's such a cute idea.

So, to kickstart that I have my beloved Naked 3. Everything about this palette screams 'SPRING' at me, but since heaps of my summer clothes are quite pink, this works out well for me almost all year.

Some of the colours get a little dusty, but I think all of the colours are super pigmented and gorgeous. In particular, I love the colour Dust over the lid, where it gives a beautiful champagne shimmer to my eyes.

 I've never done swatches before and finding lighting for them was actually so difficult! Either way, I still like these and, hey, it's something to work on :P

 Let me know what you guys think and I'll talk to you all soon :)
Also, I'm hiding on Bloglovin' too now, so be sure to find me there if you haven't already :P

Love, Holly xoxo

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