Life Away From Home

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There's just a few wee changes of living in the city. One is the goddamn busses. So here is The Bus Incident. Also, Hermione the Cactus is doing pretty good with it's scenery changes :P And Kim, you better be giving my Charlie Bear loves ;P

Back home, there's one bus stop right at the top of town. Mainly it's filled with pretentious kids getting to the next town for school but you get the odd tourist with their flower shirts and Ray Bans when it's raining outside. But in the summer, there was nothing better than waiting in the boiling sun for fifteen minutes only to get a nice air-conditioned bus to hop on to and lug all your crap into.

In the city is a whole different story. My bf and I live in one of the suburbs just out of the actual city, and the first day we decided to go check out the area and apply for jobs and all it was a 40 degree day. To some of you, you might be like 'that's cold'. It was fluffing hot!

The first bus was in twenty minutes, so we whipped out our phones to watch some videos. There was some shade under the tiniest bus stop ever (literally a stick in the ground with some times on it) however, it was covered with ants desperately trying to get all they could of a melted icy pole.

So the bus came.
And then it left.

No one fluffing told us we have to actually hail a bus. Why the hell do you have to hail a bus for? If there's a bus stop, one would've thought a bus would've stopped.

We ended up walking the long way (thanks Google) to a ferry which took us nearby to where we wanted to go. So not only did we spend half an hour trying to figure out which bus to take, we have to do some stupid thing with our hands to make the bus stop.

Long story short, we got to the city. By a ferry, which I was very happy I didn't have to hail it like out of Sherlock. In fact, we didn't know we had to hail until that afternoon when our parents called and we told them about it. It was kinda ironic that we did get on a bus by then because they stop at only two places in the whole city; the Big Bus Station, and the Bus Station we Didn't Know was a Bus Station.

We did also have to run for a bus yesterday for the first time, which is normal, we've seen heaps of people do it. The flaw in this plan was the hip-high wall that I struggled to get up of with a heavy backpack of library books I thought would be nice to read on the bus. My bf got up it no problem, as I looked like a hippo trying to walk up a wall.

How did you survive in the city when you first went? Would make me feel a bit more normal :P

Love Holly xoxo


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