What School is Now

Exciting news!
I've finally started school (oh my gosh!)
And it's a million times better than high school, thank fluff.

My first day was Monday and as usual, it's just an intro lesson. You know, log in, know the school rules, all that stuff. But now we're getting into some projects and it's been amazing!
If you didn't know either, I'm studying Graphic Design at this fantastic school called SAE Quantm.

The recording rooms for the Audio students
Some work from previous Design students

It did shock me that I only go there four days a week for only a couple hours, which is much more better on my brain than the six hours, five days a week which nearly killed me. And it's also so weird that everyone is the same, like, we all like our fandoms and anime and games, but none of us are the same. That probably made no sense; we're the same, but different. Anyway, that's made it really easy to make some friends as you fit in anywhere with any group and conversations start and continue just as simply.

First day outfit!
Each day we do something different. One day we'll do drawing, then the next will be our graphics lesson, then it'll be theory. Personally, I'm loving this, it gives me a week to do my homework and it's not like high school where you do the same thing in class everyday.

We have vending machines too! Which probably doesn't seem like a revelation to you, but back at high school our canteen struggled to make a hot chocolate in the winter.

$20,000 cameras hiding in the cyclorama
 And everyone is so supportive, not just the staff. There's no competition (which is very weird for me) and instead everyone gives each other constructive criticism. You know, say what they like about it and what to improve rather than saying 'meh' and not giving a shit about what you've done.

Anyway, it's been so fun going to school and I wake up every day and am excited for what's coming. I don't feel daunted if I have to talk to the class or show people my work, and no one makes fun of you if you fumble your words or can't get it out right. It's a much more mature environment and it's great to be around similar people who love what you love.

This was my final result from an exercise we did in our Drawing Fundamentals class. We had to outline the basic shapes with the page upside down. We had a reference image of a face we had to recreate. So we had to start drawing a rectangle for the nose and trapeziums for the lips, which did feel awkward. And later we start refining the shapes and adding shading. This technique is designed to help us 'see' what we are looking at and not default to what we like to draw and to help us break down the image.

 Love, Holly xoxo

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