A Little Update

Hey all!

Do excuse my lack of posts, I've had so many assessments.
Well, not really... They were just all time consuming. Walter White isn't exactly the easiest character to draw.

Apart from waking up at 7 every morning and going to school, not a heck of a lot has happened. As you probably figured out if you've seen my Instagram, I'm no longer a "beauty" or "fashion" blogger. I'm going back to what I love, which is art. And, on that note, I'm working on a little portfolio to hopefully sell a few prints here and there. So if you wanna check out what sorta stuff could be available, check out my Insta or flick me a dm.

That's pretty much the most exciting thing though (haha). Now that my life has a routine that's built around school, doing the blogging regularly can be hard to maintain, but I'll try and post some art and daily happenings each week.

Hope you guys are fabulous as always

~Holly xox

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