Hello Again!

Well, it's been a while! How you all doing? Fabulous.
I've just finished my first term at uni on Friday, so for the next two weeks I'm gonna do fuck all and roll up in bed with a pack of M&M's and watch anime everyday. How exciting!

School's been really great and I've learned so much already, which has been really helpful as my previous experience with graphic design was looking out of an old magazine trying to learn a bunch of stuff. It did freak me out though when I got my first lot of results back, as I didn't know how they were categorized and I looked at my results and saw D's. But turns out, at this school, D means Distinction, so yay!

I will give you guys an Art Update post, which will probably be going through things I've done during the term and all. All of my art is posted on my Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr, so if you wanna see them now, click the link at the top of the page so head over there ;3;

See you all soon and stay weird,
~Holly xoxo

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